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Originally Posted by Johnny L.A. View Post
Here's something I haven't tried yet. Any advice would be appreciated.

Sausage rolls.

I have some bangers in the freezer, and a box of pastry dough. I thought I'd 'skin my sausage', if you know what I mean, and roll the meat into a log that is the length of the dough, then roll it up, slice it up into 2" to 3" chunks, and bake it until the dough is pretty. (Note: The sausages are uncooked.)

Good plan? Bad plan?
Depends on what kind of bangers. If they're just plain ones, I'd personally tart them up a bit. Skin them and add in a bit of diced onion, maybe a bit of garlic, some lemon zest, salt and pepper, parsley, that kind of stuff. Oh, and an Egg.

Puff pastry is best.