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Years ago, our department had their annual meeting, and one of the managers decided we should have a chocolate-chip cookie contest. I of course mailed back "Do they have to be chocolate chip? Do they even have to be cookies?" I ended up making oatmeal cookies, more or less according to what I found in a book of Doukhobor and Quaker recipes. I didn't have shortening so I used butter (softer texture, but I knew that), and figured that brown sugar has more flavor. Then I had no walnuts or raisins, so I used slivered almonds with some crystallized ginger and enough candied peel to make up the amount. Damn, they were good! I still make them, and sometimes get asked for the recipe. (Last time I also made half a batch, and they're gone. Oh, well.)

More recently (just last week) Zyada and I made some slow-cooker pulled pork that turned out pretty well. The rub recipe was too sweet, but ended up mostly in the drippings, and the meat was great.
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