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When my kids were young we made a lot of stuff once for the experience. We researched at the library then tried it out. Coconut creme pie from a coconut that involved my husband and a machete. It was wonderful. Pumpkin pie from a pumpkin was good but not wonderful. We made graham crackers, ritz and soda crackers, glazed donuts, Easter leg of lamb, Christmas goose, cream puffs, kugel, dumplings, breads of various kinds, ravioli,...Anything you can think of. Most dessert was too labor intensive to repeat, but all experiments were pretty successful except for the Chinese food. Dang, the egg rolls looked fine but meh. We didn't buy wrappers. We made them ourselves and nope. The other food was OK, but salinqmind is right. There is a reason for all those Chinese restaurants.