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Originally Posted by salinqmind View Post
Yesterday we attempted General Tsos chicken, very labor intensive and a little soggy. It was good and fun to make, but there's a reason for all those Chinese restaurants out there.
I make General Tso's Chicken once a year for our traditional homemade Jewish Christmas. The sauce is easy--vinegar, sugar, soy, garlic, ginger, black pepper and chiles. The fried nuggets are a pain if you don't have much experience deep frying. Use boneless thighs because breast meat chunks are overcooked by the time the batter is done.

Speaking of frying, I made crispy salt and pepper shrimp for the first time ever. Start with shrimp still with the shell. Dry them out on a towel, like really dry, as dry as you can. Toss with cornstarch, salt, and pepper. Then fry whole with the shell still on. If you get a hot enough pan the shell turns crispy and crunchy and delicious and you eat the whole thing shell and all. If the pan/oil is not hot enough, the shell turns soggy and rubbery and disgusting. So hotness is key.