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Originally Posted by septimus View Post
Cite? I'm not saying you're wrong; I'd just be willing to look at an on-line image of the original with my own eyes.
In fact, if you examine the image sourced here, the comma is pretty iffy. Looking at the other commas on that line, they seem to be quite clearly written, but that last comma is not as obvious. It should be born in mind that this was written with a feather dipped in goo, so those gaps in the phrases may well have been the spaces between refreshing the ink, and some of the confusing commas may have been the scriber touching the tip to the parchment out of habit, because there seems to be a surfeit of commas in the text.

Either way, the "well regulated militia", even when we consider that "regulated" means well trained and disciplined, cannot reasonably be ignored. Why is that inconvenient qualifier in there? Is the right to have guns in some way supposed to be contingent on that? The link I provided in a previous post which caused the Lumpster to cry out in anguish, suggests that the Second was probably a way to appease the slave states, telling them that their slave patrols were safe from federal interference. Howsoever one looks at it, it is very difficult to support the idea that the Second was about "watering the tree".

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