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I do not see (or it has not been shown) why directional acoustic collectors should be pointy.

Given the 3-D scoop, which is the way to go (yay Nature!) perhaps "optimal" stiffness to strain considerations of cartilage come into play.
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The shape of the ear allows it to filter certain frequencies which help us figure out where a sound comes from. Computer headsets take advantage of this to trick your brain into thinking a sound is coming from front or behind depending on which frequencies are filtered out. Pointy ears might not be as good as this type of filtering and may be at a disadvantage at locating a sound (just guessing).

I would also guess that pointy ears might get a lot colder than rounded ears. Round ears can get pretty painful in cold weather. That pointy part that sticks out would be even harder to keep warm. That might also be a disadvantage.
Ital added

Which I'm not sure is a supporting datum or not, or for which species: 3-D echolocation by virtue of the distance between the ears (which the electronics processor must mimic) is of use to the pointy and non-pointy folk.

But, as Galileo didn't say, all those critters got 'em. The scorecard Them: a million. Us: none. (Not to mention the second, heat transfer issue you mentioned.)

There a whole bunch of engineers on SD who know about antennas and acoustic engineering. Maybe they'll show up.

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