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Geechie Wiley, a blues singer from the 1930s, made kind of a big impact in recent years. Her most famous song, "The Last Kind Words Blues," was featured in the movie Crumb and a big article about her appeared in the New York Times a couple of years ago. She made three single records in her career and sang in nightclubs up through the 1950s. The people who know about her really, REALLY know about her. No known photos.

Part of her legend is that she was wholly unknown outside of a small group of black music fans. Robert Crumb, as a teenager, began his lifelong fascination with jazz and blues 78s and would walk through black neighborhoods in Philadelphia in the late 50s-early 60s, knocking on doors, offering 25 cents apiece for any old records the residents might want to part with. He scored some amazing rarities, including "Last Kind Words Blues," and any fame it has today is the result of copies from the 78 he bought in this manner 50+ years ago.

A couple of other musicians, like the Residents and Question Mark from "? and the Mysterians" are pretty coy about their actual identities and have no known photos.

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