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Actually, there is footage of Orwell (or at least of Eric Blair, since he hadn't written anything yet).
Originally Posted by Horatio Hellpop View Post
A couple of other musicians, like the Residents and Question Mark from "? and the Mysterians" are pretty coy about their actual identities and have no known photos.
New-ish heavy metal band Ghost has six members, and all of their names and faces are a secret. The singer wears King Diamond-esque makeup and is known only as Papa Emeritus, and the rest wear masks and are referred to as "Nameless Ghouls."

I'm not sure any of those people count, though; their record labels obviously know who they are and there are bound to be pictures of them somewhere.
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KISS were that way in the late 1970s too. This led to all kinds of rumors; the most ludicrous was that they were women, and Paul Stanley's costume negated that! A more reasonable one was that they were black, which would have been an issue at the time WRT the kind of music they played.
I don't think it would have been that big a deal. There were a number of non-secret black hard rock musicians around at the time, or before; Hendrix (and Billy Cox) and Phil Lynott spring to mind.

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