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The White Dot or Star Dust

Betty White 1/17/1922 actor on "The Golden Girls," "Life With Elizabeth"
Bill Macy 5/18/1922 actor on "Maude"
Carl Reiner 3/20/1922 tv comedy writer, novelist, performer on "Your Show of Shows"
Caroline Aherne 12/24/1963 tv comedy writer, actor on "The Royle Family"
Gloria Henry 4/2/1923 actor on "Dennis the Menace"
Hugh Downs 2/14/1921 television journalist
Janet Waldo 2/4/1920 voice of Judy Jetson
Joyce Randolph 10/24/1924 actor on "The Honeymooners"
June Foray 9/18/1917 voice of Rocky Squirrel
Larry Storch 1/8/1923 actor on "F Troop", "Ghost Busters"
Noel Neill 11/25/1920 actor on "Superman" TV series
Pat Harrington Jr. 8/13/1929 actor on "One Day at a Time"
Valerie Harper 8/22/1939 actor on "Rhoda", "Valerie's Family"

The Clean List
Betty White
Bill Macy
Carl Reiner
Caroline Aherne
Gloria Henry
Hugh Downs
Janet Waldo
Joyce Randolph
June Foray
Larry Storch
Noel Neill
Pat Harrington Jr.
Valerie Harper

Jerry Lewis
Rose Marie Mazzetta
Bill Dana