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My paternal grandmother worked as a cashier and accountant in a music store owned by some relatives. Her cousin, a merchant officer, came home and went to the store to say "hi, I've arrived" with a friend and coworker. That day after work she went to the nearest church and lit a candle saying "please, let it be the tall blonde guy!" It was.

My maternal grandmother was in tram 19; there was only one open seat, right beside her. She saw a tall guy get on and, mistaking him for a neighbor (she was myopic but never wore glasses until it was her "old age" ones), patted the open seat invitingly. He saw a tiny bottle blonde with big tits inviting him to join her and thought "hah, she'll be easy". She wasn't.

My mother and aunt were doing the Nativities circuit with a neighboring child. Leaving the first one, they almost got run over by two tall blonde guys bearing a little girl; giggles ensued when they ran into each other again in the second place, and the third, and the fourth...
After the last one, the two blonde boys followed the two brunettes until they mysteriously disappeared (they'd gotten home, d'uh). Next class day as my future Dad headed to Business School, he recognized one of the girls leaving morning Normal classes in the same building as being the "friend" of that brunette his own BFF had liked. The friend and my aunt didn't get married, but Mom and Dad did.

My brother met his wife in an Easter celebration. He says he knew she was the one after half an hour; she took several months to become convinced, because she's as much of a planner as he's not and a boyfriend wasn't in her plans at the time.

My other brother met his fiancée in the school's mountaineering group. They've been friends forever, but when he expressed his interest many years ago she turned him down because "I can't have children and don't want to deprive you" "I don't mind, I don't really like kids until they can talk and I'm fine with not having any or with adoption". He didn't insist, both have dated other people, but nothing gelled for either one. Eventually she changed her mind, yay.

Each story is different, I don't think it's so much a matter of the first five minutes as of the second seven years...

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