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When people are seeking cannabis to treat seizures, it is usually CBD (cannabidiol) they are looking for. Since it does not produce any significant high, and isn't prone to abuse, it has been legalized in many countries and US states. it appears Australia is one such country, quite close to Bali.

As Shodan so insensitively put it, the question of effectiveness of CBD on seizures is conflicted. In the US there a sort of cannabis gold-rush in progress. It is easy to make a quick buck selling CBD online and making wild claims about what it can treat. People are trying it because it's available and they're desperate. Anecdotes are flying around like mad, and it's hard to separate hype from fact.

In your friend's situation I myself would probably not fly halfway around the world for CBD oil, but I'd consider going to Australia. I do not know the legal status of CBD oil in Indonesia but since I'm sure you've heard about the executions of people importing drugs from Australia, you want to be very certain about the legality before trying that.