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Originally Posted by furryman View Post
I remember reading a short story where the guy fights crime for awhile, then is hit with a ton of law suits. He moves to a remote island to get away from it all.
A really early example of this is the original King Kong sequel Son of Kong. Although it isn't a great film, kind of just a quicky-sequel, at the beginning Denham is being swamped with lawsuits over all the damage & deaths Kong caused in NYC, and flees back to Skull Island to escape them. Kind of a hip idea for such an old film.

This idea is one of the things I really liked about the first trailers for Batman v Superman. Usually once a superhero arrives it's all just happiness & peace and waving & cheering for him. I loved how they opened the sequel with the idea of everyone being incredibly suspicious of him. Who is he? What are his intentions? Where are his loyalties? And the idea that now that there's a god-like being on Earth, like it or not, absolutely everything would change. The whole notion of nation-states, militaries, religious cultures, strategic alliances, regional conflicts, everything would be effected.

And even though Man of Steel ended with him reassuring the US military that he's '...about as American as you can get', it looks as though three years later things have changed a bit. He's got his own personal squad of Praetorian Guard, S-emblazoned soldiers, and he's very arrogant and dismissive of this uppity 'bat' vigilante daring to challenge his authority.

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