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Tiny errors that drive you insane

I was watching "The Good Wife" recently, and they had an episode where Alicia was meeting with high-ranking military and government officials. I am generally willing to suspend my disbelief with most things military in most movies, after all, I recognize that it's a pretty steep learning curve to expect everyone to get everything right.

Except for one thing.

And every single time I see it, it drives me insane. It's such a small, nothing detail, and would be SO EASY for them (Hollywood) to get it right, but they really never do.

Why does every military beret look like someone threw a wool pizza on their head? Seriously. It's ridiculous. Form the damn beret! It's such a simple thing.

Anyone else have a miniscule irritation centered around their industry or hobby, that would not be hard to get right, but for some reason, no one ever does?