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Originally Posted by Intergalactic Gladiator View Post
It takes a lot of work to form a beret and I assume the ones on TV are pretty much straight out of the box. You have to pull out the liner, wet it, shave it, squish it, wet it again, shave it some more, wet it, squish it into the right shape (put something really heavy on top of it), repeat a few more times until it looks sharp. I think mine took a week to form. I would assume a costume department isn't going to put much effort into forming berets but you're right Poysyn, floppy chef's hat berets look awful.
You can do it in less than a week, if you wear it until it dries, but our berets may be from different suppliers? I am not saying it has to be perfect (I don't expect that), but just flopped on with the little tails in back ARGH!

I did mention it was a tiny error