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Originally Posted by chorpler View Post
Similarly, the "Super Powereds" series by Drew Hayes involves a group of college students at one of the University of California campuses, and who are also enrolled with a bunch of other students in the secret "heroing" college for "supers" (people who have superpowers they can control). A bunch of people get cut each year until only ten people graduate from each class of several hundred incoming new students. The ten who pass are legally allowed to be "heroes," which means they can fight supervillains when the need arises. Part of the hero training involves minimizing collateral damage and lawsuit/compensation potential. Non-"hero" supers are allowed to save people from attacks and disasters and clean stuff up and whatnot, but are not allowed to fight supervillains. So this group of friends has to deal with the knowledge that unless they're the absolute cream of the crop, they won't get to continue on and become heroes. (They also have a Deep Dark Secret that they have to try to keep, but that's not relevant to this discussion.)

I'm liking it quite a bit, but it's not finished yet. The books are divided by school year, similar to Harry Potter, and I think they're available to read free at the author's web site.

I will have to take a look at this "Grrl Power" webcomic. It sounds interesting.

Sounds a little like Magellan , a webcomic. But little emphasis on the 'legal' part, and I think they have a much better graduation rate.