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Not so tiny and ok, the whole series is an anachronism but...

The Ministry of Time is a TVE (Spanish PBS) series about a government agency whose duty is to keep history the way it was. Huge things such as people sagely spouting "you cannot travel ahead" when the people present are in 2016 and include people from the 15th, 16th and 19th centuries don't bother me near as much as people referencing "christmas tree bulbs" in Madrid in 1920 or saying that a picture of a man and a woman from the 19th century must be of their wedding because she's wearing something old, something new, and something borrowed which the speaker knows to be blue (at the time, a bride would have been in black. Black. Black. Head to toes black. And the four things tradition reached Spain with American Pie!). Or, oh yeah, El Cid's men being in uniform. Clean new uniforms, at that... (never mind that the actress playing 50sh Doņa Jimena looked to not even be 40).