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Quoth california jobcase:

Whenever I read someone is an alum, I wonder how he could be an aluminum potassium sulfate. Might he be used in pickles?

Finishing the word with -nus (or -na for a female) really wouldn't be that hard.
And just speaking English instead of Latin isn't that hard either, and has the twin advantages that it's gender-neutral and people know how to pluralize it. Just because "alumn" has "alumnus" in its etymology, doesn't mean that it's the same word.

What bugs me in movies? When they show the night sky, and it isn't any night sky ever visible from Earth. OK, I understand that cameras have much less dynamic range than eyes, so they can't just shoot the actual night sky. I understand that they have to put in a simulated sky. But is there any reason that the simulated sky can't simulate the real constellations?