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Originally Posted by Find Friends View Post
I've often wondered how involving an apparent minor, such as Robin, would actually work out. This would also apply to Green Arrow and Speedy, and any number of DC duos.

I recall reading one reprint in which Batman went from being a suspicious vigilante in the eyes of the police to accepted deputy of the law upon the recommendation of Commissioner Gordon. That's fine, but it left off answering how Robin's participation, however willing, could be legally acceptable. The term "child endangerment" comes to mind.

There was one story from the Fifties, with a splash panel showing Bruce and his ward Dick in a courtroom, being legally forced apart. There were shadowy overhead images of each in their costumed identities. But the story involved only their civilian identities. (Naturally, there was a pleasant resolution.)

We never saw any officials try to confront the Bat guy and say that they wished to speak to him about a sensitive matter.

In "The Dark Knight Returns", Commissioner Gordon retires and his replacement makes it a priority to arrest the vigilante, Batman (who has himself come out of retirement). When he is spotted with a new " 'Boy' Wonder", the new commissioner instructs her assistant to add Child Endangerment to 'the list'.