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Originally Posted by Bricker View Post
A buddy of mine was running a motor pool in Vietnam during the war. He was a CW2, Army.

As he tells it, one day he gets a call: "This is Captain such-and-so. Please send a car to pick me up."

That was a pretty ballsy request from a junior officer, so it got placed at the bottom f a long list.

Several hours later: "This is Captain S-a-so -- where the hell is my car?"

At that point my friend says something like, "Maybe you should just get your own transport, sir." And hangs up.

An hour later, in storms Navy Captain Such-and-So. (The Naval rank of Captain is a senior officer, O-6, as opposed to,the comparatively lowly Army O-3).

This wasn't a film error, but the SGT / MSG confusion reminded me of the story. My friend dodged the wrath of the guy by sending someone else out to meet him, I think.
Should he have identified himself as US Navy Captain? I know the ranks don't equal up (Navy Captain = Army Colonel) so I wonder how they keep the distinctions straight and give the proper respect across the services.