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ETA: Just a little late to the party ...

Originally Posted by Wesley Clark View Post
There are theories that our big bang came from something else. Branes hitting each other, distortions in a previous universe, black holes in another universe, etc.
Originally Posted by Peremensoe View Post
But not "before" us. Not a "previous" universe. Those are relative positions in time, which for us is bounded at the BB. It is as meaningless for us to speak of a universe "before" us as to speak of one "north" of us.
True. But ...

If we (in this post) use "universe" to mean the one instance we're in, and "multiverse" to mean all of them collectively, then yes, words like "before", "after", and "north" are all local to our universe. You're spot-on there.

But that immediately raises the issue that once we can prove the existence of the multiverse, and we can identify at least one member of it other than ourselves, we will need broadly analogous terms to describe the relationship(s) between the Us and the Other(s).

There may be direction-like or time-like (speaking informally, not in the GR sense of "timelike") or polarity-like or chirality-like or dimension-like differences and similarities between Us & the Other(s). And between the various Other(s). Whatever the differences are, we'll have to coin a term for the axis of them and terms for the directionality of them.

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