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The term "Cosmos" has some cachet.

Originally Posted by Peremensoe View Post
I would say you're on the wrong foot to start here.

"The universe," or our universe, comprises everything that we can point to in our space and time.


There is no "before" the Big Bang.
Originally Posted by Lemur866 View Post
Right, but they'd exist in some other relation to us than "up" or "forward" or "back" or "before" or "after". Time is a feature of our universe that came into existence with the big bang. Whatever existed before the big bang couldn't have actually been before the big bang, any more than it was left of the big bang, because time and space as we know it didn't exist until after the big bang.

What it would be like to have a universe without time and space is left as an exercise for the reader.
But if our universe is just one bubble, and there are other bubbles out there that we are not in direct contact with, what is the framework for the larger whole that encompasses all those bubbles? It apparently isn't "length, width, and height" because those are limited to our universe as well. Right?

And if the bubbles weren't all get spawned in the same event, then it is very likely there were bubbles spawned before our bubble just like after our bubble, in whatever context of "before" and "after" you wish to define. Just because it is in a different coordinate system doesn't mean there isn't a framework of before and after within that system.

Call it "time prime" or something.