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Originally Posted by griffin1977 View Post
The multiverse has come to mean that but it's actually a misnomer. By definition "the universe" should encompass everything (i.e. all possible realities), and each individual reality should be referred to as a multiverse. But generally the terms are flipped and we talk about a universe within the multiverse.
The universe came first, and it meant everything. And then we described things like universal laws, laws that describe the behavior of the universe.

Then we posited other things like our universe that had different laws. They are not within our universe, but are analogous to it. Thus, they are other universes. Therefore, the collective set of universes is the multiverse.

We could have extended the word "universe" and tried to create a new word for the local bubble in which we live versus the other bubbles that might have different laws. Call it the sub-verse or something. But that's not what happened.