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Originally Posted by Willcross View Post
Actually, I think it would be better to start calling the surrounding framework of all the "universes" the "universe" and come up with a new name for our local bubble (if the theories are ever proven true). Basically have "universe" always mean the biggest thing and rework the smaller components as needed.
Historically it's real difficult in science to simply say "effective Jan 1 2017, this word now means that, and this other word now means what this used to mean. So whenever you read something published before this date and not edited since, use the old meanings. But if you read anything published or edited after this date use the new meanings." Not gonna happen.

What happens is what Chronos just said while I was typing. The deeper etymological basis of the word gets invalidated and the word continues to mean just what it did before. "Atom"'s etymology means "indivisible". But we now know they're not. But we still call them "atoms".

The word "universe" is no longer the all-encompassing One. It just means the same thing it used to: our local bubble that we mistakenly once thought was everything.

When the word "world" was first used it meant both the planet and the universe. Because they thought this planet was the only solid object in the universe and that those spots in the sky were something else altogether. Turns out they were wrong. Or at least underinformed about reality. But we're still OK using "world" to refer to the Earth.