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Originally Posted by drad dog View Post
What do you mean by "Think ephemeral"? It's a strange thing to say. Don't you mean the opposite?

I'm trying to figure out what the opposite song is of Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald, cause that must be it.
No, I understand what he's saying. He's looking for an ephemeral song that could only be recorded and chart in the 70s--a disposable song that is tied to the decade and is largely forgotten today but was a hit back then that exemplified the 70s. You know, something like, I don't know, "Pac Man Fever" for the early 80s, but maybe not quite that much of a novelty song.

I wasn't really around in the 70s, so I don't have a good answer. Maybe something by Captain and Tenille, but maybe something more obscure.

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