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Originally Posted by pulykamell View Post
No, I understand what he's saying. He's looking for an ephemeral song that could only be recorded and chart in the 70s--a disposable song that is tied to the decade and is largely forgotten today but was a hit back then that exemplified the 70s. You know, something like, I don't know, "Pac Man Fever" for the early 80s, but maybe not quite that much of a novelty song.

I wasn't really around in the 70s, so I don't have a good answer. Maybe something by Captain and Tenille, but maybe something more obscure.
Right. It can't be a timeless song that is played every Friday night by 100 cover bands in various bars across America. It has to be a song that could only have been a hit in the 70s, and that no bar band would ever cover in the 1980s, or 90s, or 00s, or 10s.