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Originally Posted by Lemur866 View Post
Right. It can't be a timeless song that is played every Friday night by 100 cover bands in various bars across America. It has to be a song that could only have been a hit in the 70s, and that no bar band would ever cover in the 1980s, or 90s, or 00s, or 10s.
As this thread evolves to focus on more pure '70's-ness, I have to go with Looking Glass - Brandy:

It is mentioned in a list upthread, but for quintessential '70's cheese, it is hard to do better. Stuff like Disco Duck, The Streak and Kung Fu fighting were intentionally silly/capitalizing on a trend, like Gangam Style more recently. Drivel like Seasons in the Sun, The Night the Lights Went out in Georgia, Billy, Don't Be a Hero, etc. - I don't know - Brandy has a story that I thought was cooler when I was a kid singing along