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Healthy dinner

From time to time I get cravings for fish. Monday I had a nice chirashi bowl, I made salmon cakes with lemon-dill Béchamel sauce last week, we had grilled tuna and cheese on sourdough sandwiches one night, and I still wanted more fish. Last night we had a trout.

Fish'n'chips or all of that sushi rice or fried fishcakes with creamy sauce or and grilled sandwiches or other fishy things I cook aren't exactly healthy. Last night I made broiled trout (lemon slices, onion strips, dill, tarragon, and a little kosher salt in the cavity, outside rubbed with olive oil-based margarine and sprinkled with a little salt), fresh broccoli, and we split a roasted sweet potato. I got my fish fix, Mrs. L.A. cleaned her plate, and it was a healthy dinner to boot. This one is definitely going into the rotation.

When you want to make a tasty dinner that's also healthy, what do you cook?

ETA: I cooked the head along with the rest of the fish, but we had leftovers as it was, so I didn't try any fish cheek.)


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