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Pasta Primavera. I take whatever vegetable I have in the fridge (usually asparagus, scallions, mushroom, broccolini) and salute them in garlic and olive oil. Add a little white wine, and then add in the pre-cooked pasta. As a bow to the carbs = bad movement, I keep the pasta to a minimum so that it's really more like Primavera Pasta. Nuke the pre-cooked pasta first so you don't end up overcooking the veggies-- you want them al dente, like the pasta.

Takes less than 15 minute to make and is absolutely delicious. Especially if you use a variety of mushrooms. Sometimes I will add a few pieces of boneless, skinless chicken breast if I have some left over.

Season as you like it. Sometimes I'll put a dash of soy sauce and sesame oil (to give it an Asian flair), or some white pepper to give it some bite, and almost always sprinkled with parmesan cheese at the end.

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