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If I'm feeling low calorie and healthy, I basically just whip up a chicken or shrimp chop suey with lots of different veggies (usually peppers, carrots, onions, snap peas, bamboo shoots and/or water chestnuts, sprouts, etc.) chopped into half inch pieces and try to go easy on the rice. Pretty easy to get something delicious and healthy that way. Or a simple black-pepper-and-fennel-seed encrusted pork loin, served with a balsamic gravy and broccoli or whatever vegetables I happen to be in the mood for. Or shrimp boiled in a jerk spiced broth. That sort of thing. Back when I was trimming down, it was pretty easy to fix a tasty dinner under 500 or 600 calories by using lean meats, lots of vegetables, and being careful with the oil (but you want a reasonable amount of oil, or at least I do) and watching the rice portion. Or you can serve over shirataki or tofu shirataki noodles (practically no calories on the former, and just a handful on the latter) if you want to go seriously low-calorie.

But, normally, just vegetable-heavy stir fries with lean proteins.