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OP needs to read up on how correlation does not equal causation, and if his theory is true it is most likely genetics causing both handedness and leg length.
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My husband and son are lefties, and I have several cousins who are lefties. I write right-handed, but in the military, I fired my rifle left-handed, because my left eye was dominant. It wasn't uncommon. We had 60 women in my platoon, and 10 were lefties. Half the lefties fired right-handed, while 10 of the righties fired left-handed.
Do they provide left-handed rifles in the military or do you just deal with brass ejecting in front of your face? Being cross-dominant is obnoxious sometimes.
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I wonder if the ratios are the same in the Northern Hemisphere as the Southern?
When the antipodean nuns try to force you to write right-handed, they swing the rulers in counter-clockwise windup instead of clockwise.