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Originally Posted by Broomstick View Post
Well, then you'd have to explain why most parrots are lefties (really, they are).

Apparently having a dominant hand is advantageous in some manner, and it may be that which side was normally dominant was a matter of chance in a distant ancestor, and that handedness has been passed down to us.
Hello Broomstick,

How can you tell that parrots are left-handed? Do you mean that they always stand on one foot and eat by picking up food with the other foot? I'm not sure which foot you would call "dominant".

But that's very interesting. I had a parrot for ten years and I never noticed that she always ate food I gave her by holding it with the same foot.

She hated the store-bought bird food and would make a huge ruckus unless I fed her by hand. She always insisted on eating only the same food that I ate. But I never minded. I loved to feed her by hand. Her favorite food was pizza. Believe it or not.

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