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Originally Posted by Surreal View Post
Not being right-handed seems to be a risk factor for a huge array of disorders:
Prefering to have a sexual partner is a disorder?

Originally Posted by Fear the Turtle View Post
Anyone want to hazard a guess as to why I'm right handed but left footed? From my earliest memories, it always felt more natural to kick a ball with my left foot.
But if you write in the sand with your toe, which foot do you use?

No, really. I catch and throw equally well (which is to say not very) with both hands, iron only with my right hand (even with irons with the cord in the center), sew and saw only with my left, cut with the left but stir with the right, cut in with my left hand and paint with my right, brush my teeth with the left but lather and loofah preferentially with the right ...

But by foot or by hand, I alway write with my left.

Maybe you balance better on the right leg.
[And most of my dogs have been right pawed]