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Allegedly, when I was a baby I showed a left preference, but was trained to be right-handed to fit in with the majority. Subtly not forcefully, and from the very beginning. Some of the alleged physical indicators (finger length, etc.) support this.

Possibly as a result, I tend to have less of a hand preference than most people I've met. I eat "British style" when it has a lot of cutting or if my right arm is restricted, "American style" when it involves a lot of scooping, and never consciously think about which one.

I "mouse" with my left, but use a right-hand mouse - to me mousing is an inherently left-handed activity (leaves your right free for the keyboard, and you can have the main QWERTY keyboard aligned with your monitor more easily.)

I've noticed I have a tendency to use my left for activities with a higher probability of hand injury - without conscious thought of it.

Basically, things with a high degree of fine motor skills go to my right hand, medium levels have a habitual right tendency but can be done either way, and low skill activities are whichever hand is easiest.