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Originally Posted by DrCube View Post
Are cats especially poor at climbing downwards? Do they prefer to jump and just stay where they're at if they can't? What accounts for the trope of cats stuck in trees and firefighters saving them?
I've witnessed 3 or 4 times in my life when a cat (generally a young cat/older kitten) has been stuck in a tree and had to be helped (or more like "encouraged") down. It's a trope because it happens.

Once I saw a fire truck called for a cat stuck in a tree across from my house because it was REALLY high up there and nobody had a ladder that tall. All the other times involved a cat not as high and therefore a regular ladder was enough.

Cats climbing down either have to do it head-down, or without being able to see where they're going. Either case is scarier than climbing up. It's the same with people, I'm always more nervous going down a tree or ladder than up.