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While I agree that cats do sometimes get stuck in trees and other tall places - but that doesn't necessarily mean they can't get down on their own. Cat's are clever animals, and have learnt how to gain attention of humans - they wait to be rescued because they are manipulative little bastards.

If we don't help.. eventually that cat will get very hungry/cold/tired and find a way to get back down on its own accord. Most animals have a built in survival instinct that will kick in when its needed. Stick a human being up on a 10th floor ledge, with no way back inside - and providing they are physically capable, there will come a point when they have no choice but to embrace their inner Spiderman and figure it out for themselves.. for better or worse..

Cats do understand gravity, and definitely have a built in fear of high places. You can test this out for yourself by picking up a 6 week old kitten, putting it on your shoulder, and walk around.

That pain you feel is their claws digging in to your skin for dear life..