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Originally Posted by Nava View Post
It's a database problem, not a typing problem. Copy-pasting the version with the dot, it is read as if it didn't have the dot - compare with copy-pasting ano and año and telling it the original language is Spanish. In this second example, someone has actually bothered indicate the two separate translations... but the definitions under the window are given for both words and spelled with an n

The translation I get into Spanish is violación... rape as in violation and not -seed, ayup.
Well, not exactly, because the dot-version is (essentially) an older orthography. For a database to code both versions, it would have to enter the entire dictionary twice, just in case someone uses the old-fashioned h-free system. And there are a lot of words that are one thing with the dots, but map onto another without, as in the raibh / ráib example (especially if you ignore the fada / acute accent).

By the way, if you can't make oil from rape, what was the original rape plant used for?