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Originally Posted by MickNickMaggies View Post
Final scene of Faust? 'Oui c'est moi je t'aime', 'Anges pures...'
BINGO. Well done!!! Holy cow, I can't believe you got that from my poor rendition--which was even worse than I thought, since I got the beginning note and modulation completely wrong. You're good!

Dang, and it's not Faust who starts it after all, but Marguerite, which means I sang that part myself! Yipe. Last night I was homing in on "Anges Purs" for that very reason--we did the trio/finale in a concert during my junior year of high school--but completely blanked on anything before the "Anges Purs" part kicked in.

For anyone interested, I'll link directly to the beginning of 'Oui c'est moi je t'aime', with the part I was trying to remember showing up about 13 seconds later.

Bless you, thank you, and bravo (brava?) MickNickMaggies! And I'd better stock up on Ginko or something because I cannot believe I didn't remember something I actually frickin' sang myself. Oy.

Edited to add: Oops sorry, and thank you too, Two Many Cats!

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