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Originally Posted by Nava View Post
Erasers do come in some mechanical pencils (usually imported from cheap sources) but yes, they are rarely found at the end of pencils.

Why? Dunnow, because. I never found American erasers any good anyway, it's one of the small items I used to bring over (don't like the sharpeners either, give me my trusty all-steel one any day). They're very hard and don't erase very well, Milan's work better (I like their miga de pan model). And I "don't search all over the house": when I was in school I had a little bag where my pens, eraser, pencils and sharpener lived, and now the ones at home live in a small vase and those at work in a little bag similar to those I would take to school. Basic model from one of those firms which make marketing items.
That's the kind of bag I use for my sketching pencils (with no eraser on the top) and erasers.

It's been a long time since I have purchased anything but mechanical pencils for uses other than sketching. With those, you can buy refillable erasers at the same store where you buy the leads.