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Originally Posted by kayT View Post
Can this be true? With an eraser on the pencil being so handy, so logical, could it be the case that Europeans are willing to forego this and instead search all over the house for an eraser? Or do Europeans not make mistakes? EuroDopers, please explain.
I've seen plenty of pencils with (UK usage coming up for your amusement) a rubber on the end. I have one by my notepad at the moment, which came as part of a promotional pack at a sales fair I went to.

On the other hand, pencils are relatively rare nowadays. If you want to write something down - as opposed to typing into a smartphone or computer - you usually expect to find a ballpoint pen.

I have no idea as to the actual statistics. My guess is that pencils aimed at the artist market won't have an eraser on the end, and IME serious archives and some libraries may (a) insist on people using pencils on the premises rather than pens and (b) ban erasers in case the library's own materials are more damaged by them than they are by any marginal notes some fool makes. But pencils in the ordinary stationery shops or in schools and offices are quite likely to have the built-in rubber (hohoho).