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Google Bows to Scientology!

A news-in-progress page from

The article where I first learned of this. (The owner of uses nonstandard advanced features so this page may not be accessable to everyone.)

Yes, Google has bowed to the Cult of Scientology, removing links to Operation Clambake, the pre-eminent anti-Scientology website, from its directory. You cannot find any reference to it by searching for the word 'scientology'. Why? The DMCA. The CoS threatened legal action if Google didn't stop linking to sites that spread copyrighted religious material. Yes, you read right. The Cult of Scientology has copyrighted all of its religious material and will use the DMCA to prevent people from being critical of it. The Cultists have no concept of Fair Use, and neither do our courts, anymore.

This comes after the CoS had managed to artificially raise the Google-assigned relevance (PageRank) of its pages by obssessively cross-linking them. My first link explains in some detail how they did it (scroll down to the pictures). Basically, Google assigns PageRank based on how many other pages that meet the same criteria link to a given page. By maniacally cross-linking, the CoS has managed to artificially inflate the scores of its own pages and, by the same token, deflate the scores of those that criticize it.

Google is still the best, technically-speaking. It is owned, however, by a bunch of goddamned collaborators who deserve nothing but contempt. Link to Operation Clambake!
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