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Originally Posted by Nava View Post
Oh, it's not a matter of brand... The pencils those guys are most famous for are watercolors. You can use them dry (and they behave like any other color pencil) or wet (and they behave like a watercolor thin-to-medium brush depending on angle and pressure). I find that paintbrushes tend to be too thin for my fingers (and that's with tiny hands!), these pencils are very nice to hold.

I gave myself a box a couple of years ago as a self-present, after decades of carefully not drooling over them in stores. One of the Spanish expressions for utter happiness is "as happy as an idiot with a box of Alpinos": I don't know if I'm an idiot, but I love all those colored sticks... is it bad, if you'd rather get colored sticks than flowers?
Oh dear. The budget just gave up, and walked out the door crying. I shall investigate further (the pencils, not the budget).