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The word firangi is used in both the Persian and the Hindi/Urdu languages to describe a European/Western/white foreigner.


فرنگی • ‎(Farangi) ‎(plural فرنگیها ‎(Farangi-hâ))
1. (dated) French
2. (dated) Christian
3. European, westerner

firangi ‎(plural firangis or firangi)
(India, Britain, Pakistan) A foreigner, especially a British or a white person.
According to an internet answer (which doesn't allow itself to be linked to from an external site, for some reason), the term "seems to have emerged in Arabic during the Crusades. It was specifically used to represent the Roman Catholic world originating from the word Frankish, meaning French". It also mentions associated words in other languages: frangos in Greek and al-Faranj in Arabic.

Then, of course, there's Khan and khan:


1. (in the Altaic group of languages) a title held by hereditary rulers or tribal chiefs.

2. the supreme ruler of the Tatar tribes, as well as emperor of China, during the Middle Ages: a descendant of Genghis Khan.

3. a title of respect used in Iran, Afghanistan, Pakistan, India, and other countries of Asia.