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Originally Posted by ekedolphin View Post
Anyone else find it interesting that aside from humans, Star Trek race names are all capitalized? Cardassians, Bajorans, Klingons, Romulans. But in, say, the Mass Effect universe and Dungeons and Dragons, they're all lower-case. There's asari, turians, krogan, quarians, elves, dwarves, et cetera.
That's because all the races in Star Trek have the same name as their home planet - Cardassians come from Cardassia, Vulcans come from Vulcan, Bajorans come from Bajor, etc. Klingons are the only exception I can think of. Well, and humans, of course.

The aliens in Mass Effect don't follow that naming convention - turians are from Palaven, asari are from Thessia, and so on. Same with elves and dwarves in most better quality D&D settings - their homelands are usually something with a bunch of extra "y"s and extraneous apostrophes, not "Elfland" and "Dwarfland."