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Originally posted by adam yax
I searched for Clambake and did show up as the first return in Google.

I then search for $cientology and almost everything was either pro $cientology or strictly "information". However on the 4th page of the search results a in Italian showed up. I should point out that my knowledge of Italian is very, very limited, so I don't know if that site is anti-$cientology or not.
Actually, your knowledge of Italian doesn't need to be that comprehensive. The first two words are ALLARME SCIENTOLOGY, followed by
Biblioteca di informazione critica su Scientology/Dianetics la contorversa mulitnazionale fondata da L. Ron Hubbard
I'd say it's probably anti-$cientology.

BTW, did anyone try a Google search actually using the dollar sign in place of the "S"?