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Originally Posted by RealityChuck View Post
The original series -- no. They weren't very good with names, anyway: Uhura was based on the Swahili word for freedom, and was chosen primarily because there was a best seller "Urhuru" that came out a year or two. The guy from Scotland was called "Scott," the guy from Ireland was "Riley" (close to "O'Reilly," the vaudeville name for any generic Irishman), the guy from Russia was named after one of Russia's greatest writers. There couldn't have been a lot of thought put into it and there are many examples of lazy names throughout the show -- Khan, Elaan of Troius (for God's sake).

The "Romulans" clearly came from "Romulus," the founder of Rome. I've also heard stories that the name was chosen because they meant Klingons, but forgot what they had called the Klingons (or vice versa).
Scott and Riley are common surnames in Scotland and Ireland, respectively. They actually ordered some Scott tartan (from Scotland) for Scotty's dress uniform.

They misspelled Chekov's surname. The author's is Chekhov. In more than 40 years of dealing with the Russian language, I have yet to encounter any native speaker who spells it with a k instead of a kh.

Romulus and Remus formed the double planet system first mentioned in "Balance of Terror," early in the first season. We didn't get to see any Remans until one of the TNG movies. IIRC, they evolved somewhat differently from the Romulans, who were an offshoot of the Vulcan race. In one of James Blish's books, it was mentioned that no one in the Federation was sure what their own name for themselves was.

I believe the Klingons were created by Gene Coon, late in the first season. They first appeared in "Errand of Mercy." IIRC, it was noted in Star Trek Creator that the name came from Robert Klingon, an officer who served with Gene Roddenberry in the LAPD.

In "Charlie X," McCoy refers to own race as "Earthlings," rather than "Earthers" or "Terrans."

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