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Originally Posted by terentii View Post
Scott and Riley are common surnames in Scotland and Ireland, respectively.
My point exactly. They chose common surnames because they didn't go to the trouble to use an uncommon one.

They misspelled Chekov's surname. The author's is Chekhov. In more than 40 years of dealing with the Russian language, I have yet to encounter any native speaker who spells it with a k instead of a kh.
So not only are they unoriginal, they can't spell either.

Romulus and Remus formed the double planet system first mentioned in "Balance of Terror," early in the first season.
So? The planets were named that way. Still unoriginal. Why not, say Chaing and Eng? Viola and Sebastian? Again, they put the least amount of thought possible when coining the names.

I believe the Klingons were created by Gene Coon, late in the first season. They first appeared in "Errand of Mercy." IIRC, it was noted in Star Trek Creator that the name came from Robert Klingon, an officer who served with Gene Roddenberry in the LAPD.
Maybe, but can you confirm or deny the story that they named one group of aliens and planned to use them again, but chose a different name?

And they used "earthling" for "Charlie X"? The term was horribly dated in science fiction at that point; no one in the literature used it.