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Originally Posted by Colibri View Post
It might be stressed that we are talking only about names of British origin. Spanish last names, for example, are distinct and virtually never used as first names; nor do typical first names appear as last names. There are separate ways of forming a last name from a first name, for example:

Gonzalo Gonzalez
Fernando Fernandez
Martin Martinez
Rodrigo Rodriguez

Gomez Addams was exceptional since Gomez would not normally be used as a first name.
Gomez Addams was Anglo, really, even if the actor wasn't.

All those lastnames listed are the patronimics of the given firstname and as you say, they're all distinct from it. But there's the exception: the firstname García produces two patronimics (García and Garcés), of which one happens to be both identical to the firstname itself and more common in Spain than any of the others.

1 GARCIA -------------- 1.476.378 31,6
2 GONZALEZ ------------ 929.938 19,9
3 RODRIGUEZ ----------- 928.305 19,8
4 FERNANDEZ ---------- 922.007 19,7

Taken from the link "Primer apellido por provincia de residencia y de nacimiento" (First lastname, separated by province of residence and of birth), here.

UDS, how often is that done with Italian, German, Swedish, Polish lastnames?

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