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Two of the things I came in to observe, the Ferengi and their Grand Negus, have already been mentioned.

It's pretty clear to me that in The Original Series they left writers to pretty much make up their own names. Aside from a discussion about what Vulcan names should be (mostly "beginning with Sp- and ending with -k", leading to a hilarious interchange of memos that's reproduced in the book The Making of Star Trek*), I don't recall reading anything dictating alien names. The aforementioned "Elaan of Troyius" shows what can happen.

Another example is "Mr. Atoz" the librarian in "All Our Yesterdays". It took me years to realize that his name is simply "Mr. A to Z", rendered simply as "Atoz".

*They didn't stick with the "p", but kept the "S' at the beginning and "k" at the end, witness Sarek, Saavik, etc.