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Originally Posted by Crotalus View Post
If Trump actually went into the cookie business, I would avoid eating his cookies. First, in my mind, and despite his blow-hard claims, his name is synonymous with low-quality, high-glitz crap. Second, I would prefer that none of my money go to him.

In a joke situation as described in the OP, I'd eat the cookies.
That's close to my take on it, too. But I'd not eat the cookies b/c they're chocolate chip
Originally Posted by Derleth View Post
I wouldn't if there were people around who didn't know me.

Not that I'm allergic to arguments, but something which begins with one party thinking I'm actually a Trump supporter is not going to end well. It's worth my time to buy a new set of cookies with no visible affiliation.

If I were solely around friends, damn right I'd eat the cookies, and I'd be making jokes the whole time.
At one point this morning, I joked that I should put the box in the general break room to see if we had more takers. One of the other guys here said that since no one can see you in the break room, the cookies wouldn’t stand a chance! He thought the issue was that people simply didn’t want to be seen taking the "trumplet chips".

Well, I didn’t move them, but I put a Villanova banner over the trump sticker (We’re in “Tarheel” country). This caused a similar aversion and there are still cookies left.

Though the joke's almost fully played-out, what could my next move be?