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Originally Posted by JL86 View Post
You must just live on an acreage, and call yourself a farmer. Funny how you belittle people on knowledge you yourself are wrong on. It's everything. Timothy, WHEAT, barley... wheat specifically because it turns into something that almost resembles chewing gum. Keep your posts to yourself perhaps unless you know what you're talking about. I'm a farmer of many crops, I have a bucket of wheat right beside me. "Pleonast" - Since you're not a farmer, maybe you should keep your trap shut rather than insulting people with your false information. Isn't nice being on the receiving end, is it. Must suck to be you not knowing anything. Also, NO crop is "free". Tens of thousands of dollars go into crops each year, no crop is "free". Especially not "easily available"... does that mean you're stealing farmers crops? Usually that gets a shotgun to the face.
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